"Restoring Lives to Restore Communities"

Twenty-First Judicial District Adult Felony Intervention Court

   Holmes, Humphreys and Yazoo Counties

P. O. Box 338

Lexington, MS 39095



Cedric Seals, Coordinator


Jaymar Nash, Treatment Counselor


Alva Taylor, Defense Attorney


Agent Ricky Scott, Probation Officer


    The Twenty-First Judicial District Adult Felony Intervention Court for the State of Mississippi was designed to change lives, restore families and protect the community. This Court will enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the 21st District. 

   Drugs and alcohol have played a major role in destroying the family unit and the increase of crime in the District. People who use drugs often find themselves committing additional crimes to support their addictions and their family, love ones and friends are no longer a priority in the life of a drug or alcohol offender and, eventually causes the family unit to be destroyed.  Without the intervention of this Court, the offender ends up right back where they started-repeating the same violations of the past, destroying themselves, their family and the community.

   The Twenty-First Judicial District Adult Felony Intervention Court, by working in unity with the offenders, their families and the community, through judicial and clinical treatment, will change the offender's life, thereby restoring families, while protecting and restoring the community.

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